Belarus Free Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre are coming to Cornwall. We've invited them to the barns for a pasty and a game of football! They are going to be resident at the Performance Centre in Penryn, and perform their new work RED FOREST there on 15th April.

About the company...

Belarus Free Theatre was founded on 30 March 2005 in Belarus by Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin, who were soon joined by Vladimir Shcherban. Between them, these three developed the artistic aesthetic of the company which has remained the same throughout its existence. They sought political asylum in the UK in 2011 and created a new part of the company in London, while continuing their work with the permanent ensemble left behind in Minsk who perform and tour around the world as Belarus Free Theatre.

BFT continue as a two-headed beast, in one capacity doing plays in the UK with British, Belarusian and international actors, and in the other, continuing the work of their permanent ensemble in Minsk where plays are continually developed, rehearsed and performed and where students continue to train in the theatre laboratory, Fortinbras.

While the company is an associate of the Young Vic theatre and works from their London offices, it continues to operate from Minsk where performances are held secretly in small private apartments or houses.

BFT creates unique theatre because of its innovative approach to urgent and challenging social and political issues. It is impossible for any other company to perform the plays devised and produced by Belarus Free Theatre, as the essence of their work is born out of their personal experiences and research.

The company works with artistic material that is based not only on different styles and types of art but at the edges of spheres such as arts, science and politics.

Belarus Free Theatre has performed in over 42 countries around the world and is recognised for its unique role in theatre as well as for its denial of the narrow options offered to it by a contemporary world.

Red Forest

A Belarus Free Theatre and Young Vic co-production, commissioned by LIFT and Melbourne Festival. 

After the Chernobyl disaster radiation swept the land like a plague, turning the forests a brilliant poisonous red.  Today environmental disasters, both natural and man-made, sweep across the world like nuclear fallout.  From Nigeria to Bangladesh, the Amazon to Australia, people are displaced and lives are destroyed by droughts, floods and oil spills.

Aisha is on the run. Forced to flee her village and give birth to her baby girl in the Sahara, she crosses the globe in search of shelter. But to find it, she must overcome the terrible cruelties of nature and man.

The award-winning Belarus Free Theatre return with the world premiere of Red Forest, sharing extraordinary true stories woven together with myths, legends, and hypnotic live music.

Devised and performed by Belarus Free Theatre. Made possible Falmouth University’s Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA) and devised at their facilities in Cornwall. 

Red Forest is at the Performance Centre on Tuesday 15th April