Day 2 in Bogotá

Day 2 in Bogotá

More from Anna and her adventures in Colombia

Trip to The Cathedral de Sal.

Opposite the hotel,
Underpass dreamers
Graffiti murals their bedroom wallpaper
And the dawn chorus of the motorway
Does not waken them. 

Plastic boulders line the Calle Americas.
They spill their contents like split bellies.
Forgotten and uncollected Detritus of the city,
Unloved except
The cart men
Who carry their loads
Like pilgrims
To the holy land

In the salted cathedral,
Stone Angels
Trumpet silent tunes.

The devout queue for communion.
Body of Christos
Blood of Christos
Salty sweat of Christos.

Incense and popcorn
A heady mix.

We are worshippers
In the church of Carne,
Give us this day our daily meat. 

Feasters are Serenaded by Mariachis,
Harp and guitar,
Love songs as sweet as lemonade
With a breath of the campos.