Lucky Buttons: The Final Figure

Lucky Buttons: The Final Figure

Just how lucky were those buttons?

In 2016, Mike & Anna spent time in the Jungle in Calais, offering whatever help they could to those who'd fled war and conflict in their homelands. Their experiences led to us raising donations through the sale of Lucky Buttons during the recent tours of 946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tip , in support of the charities working tirelessly to offer help and support where possible to those in need.

Both here in the UK and across the pond in the USA, your generosity and willingness to help shone through as donations for Lucky Buttons went wild. Now, a few months on, we've had time to do the math and pass on your kind donations. 

Together, we managed to raise a whopping £45,473, which has now gone on to help a number of charities who are working tirelessly to offer help and support to refugees caught up in the growing refugee crisis all across Europe and further afield. 

The charities your donations have helped support are: The American Refugee Committee, Help Refugees UK, Good Chance Theatre and Hope Health Action. If you'd like to continue to offer your support, follow the links to their websites for details on how you can help make a difference.