Statistics and Feedback from the Rambles Programme over its first three years


The 2012 Rambles Village Hall Tour attracted new audiences to venues

70% of venues said a quarter or more of the audience were people who do not usually attend theatre shows at the venue

Rambles attracted a different audience than normal

60% of venues said the audience was younger

60% of venues said the audience was from a different social background

40% of venues said the audience was from a different economic background

Nearly 90% of venues thought the audiences’ experience of Rambles made it more likely that they’d go to see a show at their venue again

“I think the setting of the local school really made a difference because people were in a comfortable environment so they felt secure while seeing something new” Village Hall Manager

Targeted Free Tickets

Giving tickets to targeted groups meant low and non-attenders of the arts got to see high quality theatre for free

80% said they attended the arts rarely or never

20% said they attended the arts once or twice a year

100% said a barrier to attendance was cost

100% said they were more likely to attend the theatre after the experience

“The clients commented on how brilliant the performance was and were very happy to have the opportunity to attend which they wouldn’t normally have. One client stated that it was great to have a night away from thinking about his current situation and I’m a great believer in the fact that art/theatre/music is a great therapy.” Coastline Homeless Services

“ Kneehigh’s multi faceted creative approach and grass roots integrity offer a taste of adventure that feels welcoming and safe for clients who might feel vulnerable or uncomfortable in the unfamiliar environment of a theatre production” Cornwall Dyslexia Association


Workshops allowed non-arts-attenders to work with artists and encouraged future participation

100% of participants said they attended the arts rarely or never

100% of group leaders said engagement through workshops was one of the best ways of encouraging people who do not usually attend theatre events to attend in the future

 “The mums loved the workshop... I will give you feedback from one mum who is normally quite quiet and reluctant to join in as she gets embarrassed. She has had a very difficult few years and we are supporting her with very practical help ...  and also complex mental health issues... She is normally quite defensive about joining in, but yesterday she was the one who shone out and was the first to come up with ideas and thoughts.  'I actually really enjoyed that! I love writing, but I do it when I'm bored or on my own. I don't tell anyone that I write stories as it's a bit geeky really isn't it?' The others in the group took her lead to join in.” WILD