Run for Your Life: What Can We Do?

Run for Your Life: What Can We Do?

Tips for how to get involved and help those affected by the European Migrant Crisis

The latest unofficial census is that the Calais camp has swollen to 9,106. 865 are children, of whom over 676 are unaccompanied minors. The Dubs Amendment was passed in May 2016, since then no unaccompanied refugee child has been resettled in the UK under this law. For the first time people are reporting to the volunteer medical services saying that they are hungry. The camp is running out food.

What Can We Do?

Visit the Help Refugees website to send warm wishes, donate cash and for details about how to volunteer.

Drop off useful donations of clothes, camping equipment and toiletries at The Kneehigh Office at 15 Walsingham Place, Truro, TR1 2RP. We will ensure that they are delivered to L’Auberge Des Migrants in Calais. There is a link to a page with guidance about what is needed in Calais below. Please ensure that donations are ‘as you would like to receive’, and that they are in soft bags so that we are able to fit them into a car easily.

Useful Links:

List of items needed in Calais (as of 29 August)

Run for Your Life

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