What's Next?

What's Next?

"To be truly universal you must start with the truly local". It is with this mantra firmly in our minds that we state our mission: to bring innovative, accessible and world-class theatre to Cornwall, the nation and the world.

We think it’s vital to work with and within our community, whether that be at home in Cornwall or out on tour in the UK and internationally, and this is not a conceit: we believe that strengthened links with the places and people around us makes our work better and makes people’s lives better too. 

We’ve always sought to make surprising connections with people and places, whether through re-animating local festivals like Tom Bawcock’s Eve, working with Tibetan monks fleeing Chinese rule, holding a ball for 800 audience members in our Asylum tent, or engaging young mums from West Penwith as part of the Rambles programme.

“Kneehigh is the champagne in the veins heartbeat of Cornwall – although rooted in the community which spawned them, their timeless imagination has an international language that brings pleasure to everyone wherever they are”

Tim Smit, Eden Project 

Through our work, we engage a huge range of people through storytelling, creativity, and theatre, and try to create culture and make art for people who don’t have access to it, for economic, geographic, or social reasons.

Why? Because we passionately believe that theatre has the power to transform; that it can help us to imagine, console, inspire, understand, engage, entertain and feel part of a community.

If you believe this too, we want to hear from you. Along with other arts organisations in the UK, we want to start new conversations about the value of culture.

These conversations are important –vital even – as the future of theatre and the wider arts scene is under threat. We want and need to continue the work we do, not least because of the positive impact that culture has on the health of the nation as well as for the UK’s economy.

The timing of this conversation couldn’t be better – next week we’ll be heading to the polls to vote in the European Elections and in under a year we decide who will run the government and crucially, how.

If we are brave, ambitious and passionate, and raise our voices, then we can ensure that future generations get to enjoy the diverse, wonderful and inspiring culture on offer in the UK.

What you can do

Write to your MP and your local Councillor. Tell them why you care and what the arts meant to you.

Write to us. Tell us how culture has shaped your life and the lives of those around you. Tell us what we’re doing right, and what we should be doing.

Talk to people. If you believe the arts change and enhance individual lives and the lives of communities, tell people. Start conversations. Start with the truly local and embrace the universal.

What’s next? You decide.