Free & Subsidised Ticket Scheme

Each year, we give free tickets to targeted groups. These include young people, people who live in the least affluent parts of Cornwall, and a diverse mix of socially disadvantaged people

Some feedback from people who received free or subsidised tickets as part of the Rambles Scheme

“I came with some people who have learning difficulties – they were made most welcome, and they loved the whole evening. They definitely want to go again.”

“There is something very special about the Asylum and I felt drawn in and a real part of the production, which was fantastic.”

“We attended as a treat… it brought our group together outside of the work we were doing that month.”

“The young people were inspired by the performance. Due to their deprived background, it is highly unlikely that they would have attended such an entertaining, educational and inclusive event without the Connections Programme being in place.”

“I felt as though I had a connection with others around me and that it wasn't as simple as sitting down and spectating. It was memorable and I felt that it was shared throughout the audience.”

“It was so enjoyable for so many different people.”

“[The Asylum] was massive and it was pretty cool.”

“[They] bring every emotion out of you… you just feel the need to talk about it after you've left.”