Run for Your Life: How it was made

Run for Your Life: How it was made

How the project was inspired and developed.

On the 22nd of August we hosted ‘Run for Your Life’ in The Asylum. This was a Rambles event inspired by, and in response to, the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe. This is the story of how ‘Run for Your Life’ was made. 


Anna Murphy, Mike Shepherd, Ian Ross & Rob Higgs travelled to ‘The Jungle’ migrant camp to work with the two Joes from Good Chance Theatre. Good Chance Theatre is a place of creativity, art, performance; a safe space and refuge for residents of the camp and a place to tell and share stories or play a game of volleyball.

“We were overwhelmed, moved, horrified, lost and inspired. We swept up, made shelters, did shadow plays, repaired, played invisible cricket, amongst other things. Rob Higgs and a team of builders and inventors went out a month later to further help and witness mass bulldozing. We hope to return.” - Mike Shepherd

“On the edge of the camp, the rats have become shameless, having no trees or scrub to hide in. Their former homes, like many others have been bulldozed, flattened, razed.”

Extract from Calais Day 1 by Anna Murphy



Alongside our show Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs), Anna Murphy and photographer Steve Tanner travelled to Colombia. Together Anna and Steve chronicled the communities and individuals living in and around the crowded streets of Bogota.

“Opposite the hotel,
Underpass dreamers sleep.
Graffiti murals their bedroom wallpaper
And the dawn chorus of the motorway
Does not waken them.” 

Extract from El Dia Dos by Anna Murphy


April & May

Choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves and Anna Murphy created a dance piece to be performed in Carn Marth Quarry. The images from Calais and Bogota, along with stories gathered from groups and young people in the Redruth area, distilled themselves into Run for Your Life. Alongside professional dancers Chris Scott, Emily Dobson and Gareth Mole, Tom worked with youth dancers from All Boys Dance and Hall for Cornwall Youth Dance. Alongside Anna and artist Alice King worked with Redruth based community groups, Carefree, Cornwall College Saturday Club, Why Don’t You, and WILD, to created installations for the Quarry. Run for Your Life was unfortunately rained off and had to be moved into the nearby Band Room but it will be performed at the Asylum at the end of August. The themes of “Run for Your Life” seem ever more poignant.


August 22nd

‘Run for Your Life’ was programmed into The Asylum Season. We welcomed the original community groups from Redruth, the dancers, their families and friends to the Asylum site at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. We also invited local groups from Mevagissey and St Austell to join us, with young musicians, The Momentos from Gorran Haven, providing pre show music. Mike, Anna and Tom were joined by Joe Robertson from Good Chance Calais at the end of the evening for a passionate and thought provoking Q & A session.


As migrants continue to arrive in Europe from all corners of the globe, our social, political and artistic response as global citizens becomes increasingly important. Our journey is only beginning….


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