Steptoe and Son Review by pupils of Pool School, Cornwall

As part of Kneehigh's Connections Programme, some students from Pool School came to see Steptoe and Son at the Asylum. Here is a selection of reviews from the students


Steptoe and Son

We went to see Steptoe and Son, we saw it at the Asylum. We saw it during the summer holidays.

The play was about a family that was poor and sold old junk for money that was too high. There were episodes of this on a TV show. The music was really good, the lighting was alright, but i didnt think they needed too much lighting as there were outside in a dome on a sunny day. The Actors were fantasic and we were able to meet them and talk to them afterwards which was amazing! The stage and set was just amazing and interesting too. Overall it was a very good show, Kneehigh are brilliant and i really enjoyed it! Thank you!

by Chris


On Sunday 5th August I went to see Steptoe and Son in the Alysum in Truro. WOW! It was great. My favourite part was the whole thing. It was really funny and the Actors played the parts really well! With just three in the cast, i thought it was brilliant! I am so glad i went! They did four episodes which were the offer, the bird, the holiday, and two's company. At the beginning i thought it was a bit strange, but when i got into it, i loved it! i dotn think they need to do anything to improve, they were great!

by Shikoni


As a group of students, we went to see Step Toe and Son by Kneehigh at the Asylum near Truro in August!

It was fantastic, the story was about the Father and Son who shared and owned a business. They were poor, they had a good understanding of each other but sometimes there relationship was negative.

It was good because it was funny, they used the audience alot, for example, the pink bunny made a cocktail drink on the stage and then gave it to a member of the audinence to drink, the costumes were good and they got changed really quickly and sometimes on stage!!! They were acting while changing!

The set was good because because they had alot of big things in one big cart which was easy to move arund the stage and pack away quickly.  The music was good because they had a real record player on the stage where they played the music from, and actually changed the dicsc during the play.

I dont really think there was anything i didnt enjoy, the actors were really good, especially as there were only three people in it! The actors came out and spoke to us at the end, which was awesome!

by Dominic


Steptoe and Son

Steptoe and Son

Adapted & Directed by Emma Rice A Co-production between Kneehigh and West Yorkshire Playhouse Steptoe and Son is now on tour.

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