Asylum Studio

Asylum Studio

In 2010, to celebrate the launch of the Asylum, Kneehigh photographer Steve Tanner was invited to be an Artist in Residence, and created the Asylum Studio project

The Asylum. A place that provokes, inspires, entertains – an arena to perform, read, shout, dance and sing…. Where individuality, creative thinking, expressiveness and breaking the norm are embraced.

Steve Tanner has been working with Kneehigh Theatre as photographer and filmmaker for 18 years and in 2010 was invited, along with the writer Anna Murphy, to be artist in residence. Steve decided to create The Asylum Studio, a photographic studio where two questions are asked…

What is it you want to be?

Who is it you want to be?

People were invited to escape for a moment, a place where you can be what and who you want to be…… a time to reflect, imagine, dream, wish, aspire….

As well as an extra event to compliment the wonder of The Asylum experience, Steve felt this would be an exciting and poignant collection of images of the thoughts, aspirations, losses and hopes of a diverse and eclectic group of people

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