Pass It On

‘Pass It On’ and share the Kneehigh joy.

We know that the arts can be transformative and we think everyone should be able to enjoy the magic of theatre. This year we offered over 300 tickets to young people and community groups who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to attend. We joined forces with organisations in Cornwall, Leeds and Bristol to offer up seats to people who could benefit from having a little Kneehigh in their lives. 

You can support future Kneehigh projects here

Here is what some of the participants have said about Pass It On. 

“I didn’t see my grandad much in my life & never got the chance to say goodbye; the play gave me shivers all over and tingling up and down my spine…It makes me want to be a better parent when I become one

"I felt the performance I watched was incredible and truly inspiring"

"Thankyou it was brilliant, please can I come again"



Huge thanks to all our Pass It On Supporters!  

Albert Van den Bergh Charitable Trust, Dan Hickey Fund, The Tanner Trust, Teale Charitable Trust. 

Lila Abu-Lughold, David Badrick, Simon Baker, Nolwenn Baot, Wendy Bolt, David Brooke, Ian Chandler, Jill Coulthurst, Steph Curtis & James Gow, Graham Danbury, Carol Davis, Calvin Dean, Loretta Freeman, John Felton, Colin George, Jonathan Gould, Jane Gow, Pauline Grant, Dinah Gray, Leigh Greenwood, Walter Guest, Jo Habib, Diana Hall, Glenys Harriman, Taryn Harris, Stephe Harrop, Pauline Hartree, Paul Hills, Deborah Hinton, Simon Inch, Kirstin & Lars Jakt, Rosalyn Leech, Vicki James, Liz King, Millie Jones, Teri Laing, Tessa Lamb, Aidan Lawrence, Jane Lawton, Rosalyn Leech, Alan Livingston, Sarah Lynch, Bethany Lyne, Lindsay May, Kathleen Mead, Mary Mestecky, Soraya Mohammed, Matt Nicholson, Gail Oakley, Deborah Oneil, Neil Pascoe, Peter Peacock, Paul Pearson, Phyllis Pettitt, Larissa Pinkham, Tim Platt, Chris Rice, Maureen Rice, Ali Robertson, David Rodgers, Stephen Roser, Alex Shenton Parkin, John Sherrington, Judith Sluglett, Ian Sprawson, Patricia Sunley, Janet Stafford, Susannah Temple,  L Williams.