There are no current vacancies.

Volunteering with Kneehigh

We are always on the look out for volunteers to help with our Asylum seasons in Cornwall. Drop us an email if you're interested in helping with this event

If you'd like to volunteer for the Kneehigh Street Team, spreading the word about the Asylum at events and festivals in 2014 (and getting to ride the Kneehigh bike!) click here for more info and to apply

Joining Kneehigh as a company member

Kneehigh very rarely audition as we work within our core group of associated artists to whom we are committed. Occasionally we use a casting agent or a partnership company's casting department (such as when we work with Associate Theatres or Producers).

However, we will certainly keep CVs on file should suitable opportunities arise but kindly request that you only send email copies (with a link to Spotlight if applicable) to save on paper and postage. Please email them to