Frequently Asked Questions


I would be interested to work with Kneehigh as a performer/designer/technician/crew. How should I apply?

Kneehigh very rarely audition or employ as we work with a core creative team to whom we are dedicated. On the odd occasion we do audition, we usually do it through a well established casting agency. 
However, we will certainly keep CVs on file should suitable opportunities arise but kindly request that you only send email copies (with a link to Spotlight if you like) to save on postage and paper. Please send them to

I would be interested in doing a work placement/internship with Kneehigh. Who should I write to?

Due to the many requests we receive, we are unfortunately unable to offer work placement opportunities. However we do keep CVs and enquiries on file in case we are in a position to offer something. We do ask that you send emails rather than letters to save on paper and postage. Email us at

I am interested in staging one of Kneehigh's productions. What should I do? 

The rights for all our work remains with Kneehigh and, at present, we are unable to allow any reproductions of our shows. If you have any questions or need further information, do get in touch. 

I am doing some research and would like to know more about Kneehigh. I have specific questions about Kneehigh's 'style' and 'methods' of working and would like to interview a member of the company. 

Due to the high level of requests and the nature of the company being away on tour a lot of the time, we are often unable to help with specific requests for extra information and unfortunately cannot arrange one to one interviews. However, we do have a digital education pack, the Kneehigh Cookbook which is an online educational resource site with exclusive information and content about how and why we make the work we do. It's free to sign up to and you can visit it here

Can I come and watch a rehearsal / meet with a member of the company?

Our rehearsals are normally a closed process. Occasionally there may be opportunities to watch a rehearsal but these are likely to be rare and limited to those who are somehow involved in the process. You can, however, watch some of our rehearsal processes and listen to Emma Rice and Mike Shepherd discuss rehearsals on the Kneehigh Cookbook website, our ditigal education pack.

Where can I get DVDs or CDs of Kneehigh's work?

Currently available are CDs of the soundtracks to Don John and Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) as well as a compilation of love songs from the past 10 years. These can be purchased on our Merchandise page (see menu above) or by giving us a call on 01872 267910.
We have an active YouTube channel with snippets of our performances, as well as a wealth of footage on the Kneehigh Cookbook educational resource website and on our Member's area for Kneehigh Friends. For more information on how to join the Friends Scheme, click here. Longer edits are unfortunately unavailable at this time. 

Do Kneehigh run workshops? 

We often run workshops at theatres/venues whilst on tour. If you refer to the forthcoming events schedule, you can either contact ourselves or the venue to see if a workshop will be running. 

I am using Kneehigh as a chosen practitioner for my A Level studies. Do Kneehigh have an education pack to support this? 

We've developed a brand new digital education pack, the Kneehigh Cookbook. The Cookbook is a member's website which is crammed full of exclusive videos, documents, pictures and plans about how and why we make our work. You can sample the inspiration behind Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs); graze in the Performing section; hear Emma Rice talk about casting or Mike Shepherd discuss improvisation. It's completely free to join and you can do so here