How many people have seen a Kneehigh production in the last year?

Over 120,000 people saw a Kneehigh production in 2010/11: These audiences saw us either in our new home The Asylum in Cornwall, at their local theatre whilst on our UK tour and in some cases with our international tours of Brief Encounter (Studio 54, Broadway) and The Red Shoes (New York, Australia, Spoleto).

How many shows have Kneehigh performed since its creation?
Approximately 82 shows have been created since 1980.

How many shows does Kneehigh perform in a year?
Between 1 - 5 shows are produced each year. These are taken on tour to anything from 2 (in the case of bringing an old show back) to 10+ venues in the UK, not to mention our trips across the pond. Generally each venue has a minimum of 5 performances, with longer stints happening when in the US, New Zealand or Australia. It can total hundreds of performances to hundreds of thousands of people each year!

How many shows has Mike Shepherd worn a dress in?
5. The Wooden Frock, The Bacchae, Cymbeline, Rapunzel and most recently, Hansel & Gretel. Of course, he also enjoyed time as a Pumpkin during our summer show, Midnight's Pumpkin. A sight many regular audience members were delighted with! 

What countries have Kneehigh toured to?
Colombia, Brazil, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Syria, Lebanon, Hungary, Denmark, Malta, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium.

Which performer has appeared in the most Kneehigh shows?
Without a doubt, Mike Shepherd.

What is the longest-running productions?
The Red Shoes, Tristan and Yseult and Brief Encounter.

Where does Kneehigh get its funding from?
We receive revenue funding from Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. We apply to individual trust and funds for specific projects.

We are also supported by our generous Friends and Guardians. For more information about supporting Kneehigh click here.