Kneehigh Rambles

We’ve always sought to make surprising connections with people and places, whether through re-animating local festivals like Tom Bawcock’s Eve, working with Tibetan monks fleeing Chinese rule or engaging young mums from West Penwith.

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Kneehigh Rambles continues our proud tradition of working with communities by providing greater access to Kneehigh in Cornwall and further afield. We engage with those who otherwise would be unable to access our work due to financial or social barriers. Working with a variety of community, voluntary and social organisations, we reach out to people from all walks of life by providing free tickets, running workshops and offering opportunities to work with artists.

Since the programme began in 2010 we have given away 2528 free and subsidised tickets to a Kneehigh Show, provided workshops and tea parties for 1377 people, and told stories and performed the Rambles shows in local communities to 6180 people.


Kneehigh Rambles at The Asylum

This year the Asylum will be retrurning to the Lost Gardens of Heligan with an exciting programme  of shows. Once again we want to invite community groups, such as Early Intervention into Psychosis Team and Coastline Homeless Association, from across Cornwall to attend a performance at the Asylum. Before the show many of the groups will also take part in a creative workshop. 

"I wanted to share with you something that happened before the group came to the show.  One group member felt suicidal before we left and the staff really encouraged her to attend which she did. Afterwards she said that it was brilliant and took her out of herself for  a couple of hours and she forgot her own distress and the suicidal thoughts subsided.” Rambles Group Leader

We need your help to make this happen. Please click here to find out more about out Kneehigh Rambles: Pass it On campaign. 


Run for Your Life, 2016


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We are are a registered charity, so we need and want to work with you to make the brave work you love – and to share it with even more people. We want to be a beacon of pleasure, welcoming people from all walks of life to be listened to, excited and delighted. You can make a donation to support the Kneehigh Rambles here, to enable more people to share in the wondrous Kneehigh fun.

The Rambles Programme is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Murrell Associates, Albert Van den Bergh Charitable Trust, Dan Hickey Fund, Tanner Trust, Teale Charitable Trust, West Cornwall Youth Trust, alongside donations made by members of the Kneehigh Family.