The Kneehigh Rambles

The Kneehigh Rambles

At the heart of Kneehigh’s Rambles Programme are the walks of adventurer and poet Anna Maria Murphy. In wind, rain and shine she has travelled the length and breadth of Cornwall collecting stories that have since become wildly exaggerated in a collection of poetry and prose.

Anna will be joined for pop-up performances by members of the Kneehigh Ramblers Association – watch out for a duo of dancing crabs, a cosmos on fire, a death defying mini circus, a murderous but amorous conga eel and much much more! 


The Rambles Programme is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, West Cornwall Youth Trust, The Joyce Carr Doughty Charitable Trust, FEAST and Rob & Jane Hartley, alongside donations made by members of the Kneehigh Family and bookers for Asylum seasons




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Kneehigh Rambles 2013

Kneehigh Rambles 2013

The Kneehigh Ramblers have been all over Cornwall this year. Thanks to the support of Kneehigh Friends we’ve been holding workshops and free performances for Cornish communities, and Anna has been writing too! Here's a round up of some of the brilliant work our Rambles Team have been doing this year, along with photos from performances and workshops. Here's to more Rambling in 2014!

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The Ramblers   Anna Maria Murphy, Giles King, Sarah Wright, and Simon Harvey
The Writers   Anna Maria Murphy, Carl Grose, and poems by Charles Causley

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