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Kneehigh Presents…

A Postcard from the Beach


I am sitting in the Kneehigh Box Office – a silver caravan parked up on the dune at Carlyon Beach. As the shadows lengthen this evening’s audience for Ubu are arriving for a G and T and possibly a mackerel bap before the show. The festoon is lit, the palm trees are swaying and the performers are having a pre-show game of volley ball. This show has an opportunity to sing ‘River Deep Mountain High’; dance to Prince; laugh your head off; hiss, cheer, boo – and feel like your part of one big happy family. Is this as good as it gets?

Possibly. And we have our September Kneehigh Presents… season to look forward to.

When we dreamt of the Asylum it was a creative space that welcomed visitors and locals alike. All people from all parts of the community would come. We wanted to showcase the best of Cornwall’s talent and bring some of the brilliant artists we have met on our travels to Cornwall. This is what September in the Asylum is all about and I am really chuffed that we are welcoming a truly diverse and broad range of performances to our epic new home. We’ve tried to keep the prices low and to programme so that you might take a chance and book for something that you might not usually go to – (check out our double bills in the Kneehigh Weekender).

We are thrilled in particular to welcome the incredible Paraorchestra and Friends, you wont have seen anything like The Nature of Why before. It’s an extraordinary and joyous show which will make you feel more alive.

I can see Anna Murphy and Simon Harvey across the beach, plotting how they will start The Illustrated Girl which has been specially commissioned to be performed here. It’s about a girl with stories to tell, who is washed up by the tide. I’m off to join them and find out what the story is – why don’t you come along and find out too?

See you soon