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About Kneehigh

Kneehigh is a Cornwall based theatre company with a local, national and international profile.

For 40 years we have created vigorous, popular and challenging theatre and perform with joyful anarchy.

We tell stories. Based in breath-taking barns on the south coast of Cornwall, we create theatre of humanity on an epic and tiny scale. We work with an ever-changing ensemble of performers, artists, technicians, administrators, makers and musicians, and are passionate about our multi-disciplined creative process.

In 2010 we launched the Asylum, a beautiful and flexible nomadic structure, which means we now have a venue to call home as well as being one of the leading touring theatre companies in the UK. We have now presented 6 Asylum seasons and we will continue to reinvent the space and explore new locations in future years.

Alongside our national and international touring and Asylum seasons, we run the Kneehigh Rambles, aiming to engage creatively with communities in Cornwall and beyond through event and adventure.