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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


Kneehigh are a small, artist-led company who work with a brilliant and ever-changing ensemble of performers and artists, to whom we are dedicated. This ensemble is formed of a family of revered creatives and performers who have been integral in our past productions and creative endeavours, as well as new and exciting collaborators, all who share Kneehigh’s creative ethos and core values; those who are passionate about multi-disciplinary artistic creation.

To expand our pool of collaborators we have a varied approach, which is wholly dependent on the needs of our projects. This includes invitations to meet with our Artistic Directors, open calls for applications via our social media channels and online advertising, and on occasion working with Casting Directors. After meeting with artists and performers we endeavour to be in touch as soon as possible to express if we believe that working together would be a good thing, and if not we have a commitment to explaining why we feel the match isn’t right.

We actively look for fellow adventurers and exciting “catalysts” to invigorate our processes through a programme of annual training and creative developments with theatre professionals. These courses and sessions take place at our barns and other affiliated spaces in cities and are an effective way of identifying future cast members and technical teams.

Kneehigh are an inclusive company, with an inclusive recruitment and casting policy. Performers will be considered seriously for any role regardless of how they self-identify or personal characteristics. We are committed to accommodating the individual circumstances of all with whom we work, offering flexible models of working including job shares for working parents and others with time commitments in their lives.

Kneehigh tells diverse stories, and celebrates and showcases the diverse talent, reflecting the world around us.