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Support Kneehigh

Kneehigh is celebrated as a bold and big-hearted theatre company committed to creating magical, transporting, inventive and entertaining theatre for all.

It can, however sometimes be tricky to reach the ‘all’ we dream of. Many people have barriers to hurdle before they can share our wondrous fun. These can be financial, social or cultural – and we want to break them down! We make work that’s engaging, accessible, and open to all. We provide free tickets, run workshops and offer opportunities to work with artists.

We are a registered charity, so we need and want to work with you to make the brave work you love – and to share it with even more people. We want to be a beacon of pleasure, welcoming people from all walks of life to be listened to, excited and delighted.

Whether you are an individual, a business, or a trust, there are many ways in which you can support Kneehigh.

Thank you to our band of brilliant supporters: the people that make it happen!

Kneehigh Family

Tracey Carter, Glenn & Wendy Carter, Guy Heath, Deborah Hinton, Trevor Mannel, Clare Morpurgo, Dave Mynne, David Rodgers, Hayley Taylor, D Trenberth

Kneehigh Champions

Richard Baker, Val Barnecutt, Mike Beard, Graham John Billing, Archie Burnham, Robbie Clymo, John Doble, Martin & Julia Eddy, John Glasswell, Pauline Grant, Ann Gray, Sheila Hancock, Susan Hatt, Linda & Danny Lang, Chris & Bev Law, Sara Loch, Rosalind Macrae, Clare Martin, Mary Mestecky, Kenneth & Rosalind Rokison, Jane Rowse, Damien Saunders, Susan Scambler, Pat Smith, Christopher Tiley, Andy Ward, Peter Willmott