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The people who make Kneehigh happen

For Kneehigh

Artistic Directors

Mike Shepherd & Carl Grose

Executive Director

Michelle Carwardine-Palmer


Liz King

Head of Communications

Chloe Rickard

Company Stage Manager

Steph Curtis

Finance Officer

Fiona Buxton


Taryn Harris

Production Assistant

Chloe Kitching

Communications and Development Assistant

Ellie Woolman

Director of Coastal Community Programme

Charlotte Bond

Lead Artist for Coastal Community Programme

Anna Maria Murphy

Marketing Consultant

Sam McAuley

Press Consultant

CliĆ³na Roberts


Steve Tanner


Brett Harvey

Associate Artists

Simon Baker

Stu Barker

Simon Harvey

Etta Murfitt

Anna Maria Murphy

Malcolm Rippeth

Ian Ross

Steve Tanner

Sarah Wright

Daryl Waller

Kneehigh Board

Hedda Archbold (Chair)

Peter Cox

Jane Feaver

Teresa Gleadowe

Marianne Locatori

Clare Morpurgo

Daphne Skinnard

Simon Williams

Revered Accomplices

Emma Rice and Paul Crewes