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Random Acts of Art

Beach Labyrinth

Beach Labyrinth is a new take on an ancient tradition. Run by Andrew Nicholson from Random Acts of Wonder, Andrew has been creating these walkable art installations for the last twelve years. More than a hundred different labyrinths have been made at over 30 different locations, many of which were in Cornwall and over 7,000 people have walked the path. There have been many testimonies from those walking the path describing how helpful/ stilling/ profound the experience was. Andrew has also made labyrinths out of many other materials and recently created a daffodil labyrinth in Tresillian that featured more than 2,000 bulbs.

This is a chance to draw a line in the sand; a chance to let go of rubbish and move on. This labyrinth will reflect an environmental theme (which will be a feature as part of the upcoming G7 summit in Cornwall) and give people a moment to celebrate their experience of the natural environment and commit to taking action to make a difference.

Walk the path: what might you discover?