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This is the Kneehigh Cookbook website. If you would like to find out more about our current shows visit

About the Cookbook

We think making theatre is like cooking good food. We have made this Cookbook to give you a flavour of all the different processes and ingredients that we use in our theatre kitchen. However this isn’t a recipe book – it won’t tell you how to recreate our shows. We want to inspire you to invent your own theatre feast!

Each photo, video, text and sound has been tagged with a number of categories so that you can find similar, matched and complimentary ingredients easily. Pick and mix the bits that suit your taste, as well as being surprised by a sharp note, a splash of heat or a wave of sweetness. There are various different ways of finding the ingredients.

You can:

  • Find exactly what you’re hungry for by searching the site. Just start typing!
  • Sample a wide range of ingredients in each category. Visit The Cookbook
  • Don’t know where to start? Check out our specials boards. We’ve put together our favourite titbits to get your juices flowing. The Specials Board
  • Watch us cook. We’ve made videos of our key processes. Search for Interviews
  • Meet the people who work in the kitchen. Find out what influences them and what their specialities are. Search for People


To open the Cookbook please Log In. Once logged in you can sample the ingredients and make your own recipe notes. Enjoy your cooking!


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