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We are committed to broadening and deepening our work with communities in Cornwall, with artist development, workshops, educational resources and more.

Kneehigh's Coastal Communities Programme

In 2018 Kneehigh received funding to broaden and deepen its work with communities in Cornwall.

Focusing on the St Austell Bay area, where Kneehigh was born 40 years ago. this work falls into three areas.

Kneehigh Kitchen provides artist development opportunities, workshops, and educational resources for local artists, students and teachers. It also means there’s more funding to develop new work with emerging artists in Cornwall.

Walk With Me is the extension of our work with Anna Murphy turning stories collected on walks into digital pieces, like our Walk With Me app.

The third area is an extended Asylum season, where we present work from local friends and collaborators, celebrate the local community, and provide a cultural offer for residents and visitors that lasts longer than the summer holidays.