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Pass It On

We know that the arts can be transformative and we think everyone should be able to enjoy the magic of theatre.

You may not know it, but Cornwall is one of the poorest places in the UK, which makes it difficult for some to be part of the Kneehigh community.

We want to give 300 young people and adults the chance to have a Kneehigh experience. We are joining forces with mental health organisations, charities, and community groups to offer up seats to people who could benefit from having a little Kneehigh in their lives.

We need your help to make this happen. You can donate from as little as £5 to cover the costs of refreshments and a programme, or up to £280 so a whole group can come to a show.

We hope you will get involved and help us share the theatre that you love.

“I didn’t see my grandad much in my life & never got the chance to say goodbye; the play gave me shivers all over and tingling up and down my spine…It makes me want to be a better parent when I become one”

"I felt the performance I watched was incredible and truly inspiring"

“The performance was breath-taking, words cannot explain how much we all loved the play. Totally inspirational and the best performance I think I've ever seen”

"Thank you it was brilliant, please can I come again"

Huge thanks to all our Pass It On Supporters!