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Kenny Trengove en Kernewek

Anna Murphy's story translated into Cornish

Kenny Trengove

gans Anna Maria Murphy

Kuntellys yn Resrudh

Kenny Trengove, o trigys ogas dhe’n Bal Myghtern Edward yn Boslenow, a witha an enevales dell sew:







Hoghes Gyni,

Sortes ha pypynag o goliys po kellys hag o feusik lowr dhe omgavos wortiwedh yn tre ganso.

Ev a witha ynwedh Orses Veur Russek. Hi re bia sawyes dhyworth cirk.

Hi a sevi war hy diwar dhelergh ha golya an trolergh a resa ryb Harber Trengove rag an Kellys ha’n Kevys. Hi a grava hy heyn orth an eythin ha klewes yn unn anella aga blas haval dhe gnow koko.

Sowdhenys o nebes tus pan welens orses ow mires a-ugh ke yn y lowarth war stat ogas dhe Drewoon, ha lies lyther re bia danvenys dhe Kenny dhyworth an konsel. Ev a skonya aga aswon, aga skethenna, ha’ga devnydhya avel nogadh rag an re erel a witha ev.

Byttegyns yth o wosa kavos an bleydhes y removyas ev a-hys an fordh dhe’n skorren blat meur.

Ena yn-mysk an growan ha taklow gwyls, ev o konvedhys.

Lowr leverys.

And here's the story in English...

Kenny Trengrove

Collected in Redruth

Kenny Trengrove, who lived up by the King Edward Mine at Bolenowe kept the following animals:





Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and anything else wounded or lost that was lucky enough to end up at his place.

Also, a Russian bear rescued from a circus.

This bear would stand up on her hind legs and watch over the foot path than ran beside the Trengrove Asylum for the Lost and Found. She loved the winter best, but also the gorse, which she could scratch her back on and inhale the coconutty aroma’s.

Some were very surprised to see a bear overlooking the hedge, and Kenny had been sent many letters from the council, which he ignored, and shredded for bedding for those in his care.

When he got the wolves though, he moved to Troon, up behind Redruth.

In Troon, he was understood.

Enough said.