Student Resource Pack Online for Tristan & Yseult

Don't write notes, watch the show!

Why do theatre?

We do theatre because it's live.

Because anything could happen and leaps in the dark are imperative.

The components of performance and audience create a different chemistry each and every night, there is no formula. On a good night we might "gel" an audience, take them on a journey and leave them somewhere they never expected to be. On a good night the auditorium can crackle with enchantment and excitement, it's all a delicate and indefinable balance to be lost or found every night.

Theatre is live – it’s not like cinema where, sadly, most of the audience need a bucket of coke and a trough of popcorn to enjoy; it's not the casual channel flipping experience of TV – it aims to engage and transport so please: watch rather than take notes.

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Tristan & Yseult

Tristan & Yseult

"If this show doesn't make you fall in love with theatre, there's no potion on Earth that can help you." ***** The Guardian

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