Art8 Festival in Newquay

Don't miss this fantastic festival celebrating the best in Cornish theatre, featuring more than a couple of Kneehigh faces!


The Art8 Festival, based in Newquay,  is intended to celebrate and showcase the cultural and artistic activity already taking place in Newquay and surrounding villages, as well as bringing in artists and performers from further afield.

New for 2013 Art8 Newquay brings you an eclectic mix of four Cornish Theatre Companies as part of the festival. Live theatre performance is a new addition to the festival line-up and brings an added dimension to an already vibrant festival program. Bringing local theatre to the town for Art8 is part of a longer term plan to establish a tradition of performance and theatre work in the town, as it once supported a number of theatre venues. The Theatre shows you can see this April are family show, The Beast of Bodmin Moor, The Blizzard, Great Expectations, and Wrongdoings and Wake-Up Calls at the Stop Off Motel, all of which have a link to Kneehigh!

Beast of Bodmin Moor – Bish Bash Bosh Theatre Co.

Dean Nolan, star of Steptoe and Son and fantastic new addition to the Kneehigh company, started this brilliant theatre company a few years ago, and they've been making great shows ever since

"Over the past 30 years there have been more than 60 sightings of this mythical legend. The debate of its existence continues...This phantom wild cat is often blamed for the gruesome killing of livestock. The Natural History Museum claim to have in their possession, the skull of the mammal, whilst, a squadron of RAF combed the wild and rugged landscape of Bodmin Moor in search of this elusive creature. Will we ever know for sure if there really is a beast? Alan M Kent, a Cornish poet, novelist, dramatist, author and editor of a number of works on Cornish and Anglo-Cornish literature tells a charming tale for children of how a big cat came to wander our landscape in his recent bi-lingual picture book for children, The Beast of Bodmin Moor. The story has proved to be very popular across Cornwall and BishBashBosh Productions could not resist adapting it for the stage.

Come and see this magical show for children of ALL ages. The heart-warming narrative is set on Bodmin Moor but follows the Beast on its often tricky and dangerous adventures around Cornwall"

See the show on: Friday 12th of April, at The Art8 Studios, at 2pm/6.30pm


Blizzard – Nigel Billing

Nigel has helped up out at the Asylum every year - you've probably seen him in the car park! We're delighted that his own show is on the road

"Written and performed by local actor Nigel Billing is a tale of three Newquay men and their life at sea as cargo carriers during the late 19th century. Combining storytelling and music this story takes us through the adventures and hardships endured by these brave men as they struggle to make their living shipping culm during the great blizzard of 1891. Running time 40 mins" 

See the show on: Friday 12th of April, at The Rowing Club, Newquay Harbour at 7.30pm


Great Expectations – Dave Mynne (ex-Kneehigh)

Dave Mynne is both our designer and one of the longest members of the Kneehigh company. He has starred in many of our shows, most recently The Red Shoes. A true Kneehigh legend! His one man show is fantastic. Don't miss it.

"Dark, daring, deft, daft, delightful …and definitely Dickens!

The sheer magic of theatre and the awesome skill of Dave Mynne (a founder member of Kneehigh) bring you a ‘cast of thousands’ in this one-man adaptation of Charles Dickens’ epic novel.
This highly-engaging production of Great Expectations combines Dickens’ profound and complex story of Pip’s life, loves and legacies with some of his best-loved, rip-roaring comic characters …and all presented by one extraordinary performer.

Be prepared to be scared and amazed, to cry and to laugh …a lot! (age: 12+)

Directed by Simon Harvey (o-region/Kneehigh)

For more info about Dave Mynne and Rabbit Theatre:"

See the show on: Sunday 14th April, at The Griffin Inn at 7.30pm


Wrong-doings and Wake Up Calls at the Stop off Motel

Directed by Kneehigh Assistant Director Simon Harvey

"Wrong-doings is the 2nd full length play from new writing Theatre Company Owdyado. Directed by Simon Harvey (Kneehigh/o-region) this show is the finale of the Art8 festival and promises to be a highlight of the festival.

Sarah and Jonathan wake up together in a Las Vegas motel room with pounding headaches and only vague recollections of the night before. In a mission to discover the truth, they piece together the facts using a combination of clues and lively re-enactments. Part detective drama, part dark farce and bursting with their trademark energy, `Owdyado’s new outing twists, turns, perplexes, excites and mesmerises, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats from
start to finish. Written and performed by Charlotte Bister (Miracle Theatre) and Daniel Richards (Miracle Theatre, Near-ta Theatre), directed by Simon Harvey (o-region, Kneehigh)and supported by Arts Council England, Young Promoters and the Works. Age: 14+"

See the show: Thursday 18th April – 7.30pm – Carn Marth Hotel at 7.30pm


Tickets for all shows can be reserved by calling: 01637 854020 or drop into Newquay Tourist Information Centre on Marcus Hill to reserve a ticket. For more information click here