Make the Case for the Arts in Cornwall!

Cornwall council are facing budget cuts. Tell them to keep supporting the arts in Cornwall!

Cornwall Council is facing severe budget cuts which will cut front line services next year. The Government wants them to reduce their spending by £196 million by 2019 - including £24 million by April 2015.  

Cornwall Council currently supports a whole range of Arts and Cultural organisations, from village halls and museums, to art galleries and theatre companies (including Kneehigh!)

Cuts to this support means that the economic and social benefits these organisations deliver could be lost.

Arts and cultural industries currently have a hugely positive effect on the Cornish economy:

A budget debate will be held on 10th October in Truro, and it’s really important that before then, as many people as possible let the Council know that funding for the arts in Cornwall should be protected.


What can you do?


Attend a meeting

The Council are consulting the public at a series of open meetings now all around the county about what services you value.   If you can, please attend one of these consultation days and let the Council know how important arts funding is to the economy and future of Cornwall. Click here for more about having your say at council meetings.


Email your councillor

Alternatively (or additionally!), email your Councillor and tell them to protect vital funding for arts projects in Cornwall. Find out who your councillor is here. Feel free to add why you personally think arts funding is important!


Tweet the council & join in the debate

Tweet @CornwallCouncil and tell them why you think arts funding is important to Cornwall. Use the hashtag #ArtsFunding

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