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 “To all at Kneehigh would like to thank you for creating such a visual feast. Your talents know no boundaries. I am a great lover of music and the theatre so to see the way you combine the two so magnificently is breath taking. I look forward to the up and coming years and believe that you will keep on inspiring me and taking your shows to higher heights”

 “Three friends and I have just returned from the most fantastic break in Cornwall, and that was mostly down to the 2 nights we spent at The Asylum. We attended The King of Prussia and Blast! which were both excellent. The cherry on the cake really was the live gig the Kneehigh band did on Friday night - simply awesome.  We can’t wait to see what you have in store in the future and a trip back to Cornwall will be a MUST”

 “I saw BLAST! last night and should like to make my appreciation of the whole event known. Everything, from the smiling young parking attendants, to the bar, the space - what a design! - to the performance and performers were remarkable, and having laughed myself silly through most of the show, and had my prejudices about Cornwall thoroughly enhanced, I was reduced to tears by the list of what's Cornish, with the mention of the Penlee boys being the final goad, at the end. I have always felt that the best way to teach was to make people laugh and it was such a wonderful lesson. Thank you”

 “After seeing Kneehigh in Bristol at Christmas, we’ve just returned after a weekend braving the Cornish wind and traffic jams - both the shows were pure genius and the music, food and ethos of Kneehigh were inspirational and brilliant. Thank you Kneehigh! Now we have to come back to see The King of Prussia!”

“Really helpful, enthusiastic volunteers and unique venue - very ‘Kneehigh’!”

“I LOVE the venue -it's fun, bonkers and amazingly friendly. It always makes me want to return the next night just to experience it again.”

“Fantastic in every way. Great vibe, love it!”

“A big thumbs up! Everyone very friendly and a happy atmosphere which spreads to the audience and gives a real good feeling!”

“We came to watch Midnight's Pumpkin last night and loved it. I must admit I had been in two minds about coming, because I thought it was quite expensive for a family of four, especially for being in a tent!  However I am so glad we came as it was worth every penny and the location and set up of the Asylum just added to the special atmosphere. Any doubts I had about the cost/tent disappeared as soon as I saw the Asylum.  The Kneehigh experience really did start as soon as we entered the field and stayed with us the rest of the night.  On leaving, the Asylum looked great all lit up.  Our boys had taken a balloon each one of the attendants joked into his radio "what was that? …Missing a blue and orange balloon?”  It really made us laugh!  All the attendants had entered into the spirit of Kneehigh and seemed to be having as much fun as the audience. A magical evening.  Thank you Kneehigh.”

 “I wrote to you a couple of months ago to say thank you for Tristan &Yseult, which I saw in Berkeley. I also saw The Wild Bride in Berkeley last year. My partner and I are such strong fans of your work that we recently scheduled a vacation in Los Angeles just so we could see Brief Encounter. (We even took our 11-year old daughter). Thank you again for your beautiful work. It is inspiring to witness your artistry.”

 “My wife and I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Tristan & Yseult at the Guthrie Theater on Saturday, February 15.  To say we were both blown away by the production would be a gross understatement.  What a marvellous piece of theatre!  Delightful in every aspect, with outstanding performances by the actors.  Wonderfully humorous when it needed to be, and devastatingly poignant in its final moments, so much so that I am at a loss to express my feelings adequately.  I'll just say that my eyes were rather wet. We were introduced to Kneehigh in 2010 when we were in the audience for Brief Encounter, and have been waiting for a return engagement ever since.  I hope there will be future visits from your company. Again, thank you for a wonderful afternoon of theatre.”

“I saw the show in Leeds yesterday afternoon and the whole cast were brilliant and the music was excellent. It made me laugh and cry. I will certainly look out for future performances by this theatre company.”

 “I’m moved to write tonight after seeing your production of The Red Shoes at St. Anne’s in NY.  I was only introduced to your company last year with the immaculate production of Brief Encounter which I’ve seen three more times on Broadway and hope to see once more before the end of the year and tonight my obsession has been cemented.  I am in awe of your artistry - the total immersive exuberance of your productions leaves me numb with joy.  Finally - theatre that is moving, hilarious, and gloriously theatrical!  I love your work, Kneehigh - thank you for sharing.  Your work is what I live for – I’ve been transported to a better place, though you.  Thank you.”

The Asylum

The Asylum

The Asylum is our award winning, long-awaited, much dreamed about, jaw-dropping, spirit-lifting nomadic theatre space. The 2014 Asylum season is at the magical Lost Gardens of Heligan in South Cornwall

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