Bread and Writing at the Barns

A guest blog from Jo Willis, leader of Shallal

"15 members from Shallal main company were invited to the Kneehigh Barns for a Bread and Writing workshop. Our needs were forfiled, creativity, fellowship, food, beauty, fresh air, sea views, cups of tea...I could go on and on. A huge Thank you to Kneehigh Rambles project  and Anna, (and Mike Shepherd who welcomed us and gave us a slide show of Kneehigh) helped by Ros and Seth, and all organised by Charlotte.

"We all had a grand time and appreciative comments were voiced throughout the day. The lovely space, food, interesting writing exercises, listening to Seth and Anna's work, trying new things

"Some Shallal snaps from the day!

Making pizza with Anna and the team

"Shallal also eat together, chat and play together, when we can ....and lunch every week!

"Not sadly around a fire pit till 3am as Kneehigh has done, as we heard the history of Kneehigh from Mike with lovely insights into some of their process and way of working, which includes when at the Barns swimming, singing and running on the cliff paths....

Katy's Pizza

Debs at 4-5 weeks to go, 3 now!

Jo and Demelza soon to be found in Moving Words project!

Zoe in the garden


Arron and bush!

afternoon exercise

Anna's boxes, which start her writing process.

Zoe and Katy

Glen and Marjorie

Anna modelling rolling pin and apron!

"There are some good poems/ideas from the day, but that will be another blog! Thanks again to Anna and team and the Kneehigh Rambles Programme."

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