Guest Blog: Joe Alessi - Dubai From The Sky and Adelaide Arrives

Guest blogger Joe Alessi writes from the road as he plays Albert in the Australian tour of Brief Encounter.

Blog 2: Dubai From The Sky and Adelaide Arrives

We are Kneehigh and after seven hours up in the sky, we landed in Dubai. Approaching the city from the air (or is it a country? Or both, like Luxembourg) was nothing short of spectacular, it resembled something from a science fiction writer's imagination: multi-coloured, crazy patterns of street and road lights burned brightly and unlike most cities, didn't conform to any traditional set pattern usually so beloved of besuited town planners, I got the impression that Dubai's town planners sat round the table, dropped a tab of acid each and let their collective imaginations run wild.
Once we'd disembarked, we headed to gate 23B to catch our flight for Adelaide but not before stopping off at the legendary Duty Free, having been reliably informed that it was much cheaper than Heathrow. And indeed it was, very much cheaper in fact, a lot of alcohol, perfume and tobacco later we looked like Christmas shoppers heading home late on Christmas Eve with bags & boxes hanging off every available limb.

The flight to Adelaide was brutal, as in very long... Twelve hours! Thankfully the choice of in flight entertainment was vast: films from blockbusters to art house, TV box sets, classic albums, playlists and podcasts and that's just scratching the surface of what was available. We were also adequately fed and watered throughout the flight but that didn't stop us looking like zombies when we arrived in Adelaide. But the kind people from Arts Projects Australia and The State Theatre Company welcomed us with warm, open arms and ferried us off to our hotel.
As you've probably guessed, sleep was fitful but I had arranged for a deep tissue massage via our very own Michelle Nightingale (who portrays Laura in the play) she managed to find a therapist for me and like a sad, lame dog arrived at Chi Therapy Studios and was greeted by Lisa Lillee, i stripped down to my underwear, led face down on the bed and one hour later, having been pummelled, stretched and kneaded like so much pizza dough, i hugged and thanked Ms Lillee and leapt from her studio like a young gazelle and straight into Central Markets, a vast indoor/outdoor Food Market that caters to all Adelaideans (sp): a great cornucopia of food stalls, shops, delis, artisan tea/coffee, butchers, fishmongers, bakers, cafes, restaurants and juice bars; to say i landed in heaven is an understatement..

"Flat white please! Oh and one of those delicious looking pastries.. What's that you say? They've just come out of the oven?"

Australia, i think this is the start of a very lovely friendship.

Joe X

ps. The weather? 27 degrees. Just saying.

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