Love Potions at the Hall for Cornwall

The following love potions will be available at Hall for Cornwall during next week, administered by trained practitioners

Unguent for Uncertainty in Amour.

Sore Hearts Lotion.

Remedy to Cure all Jealousies.

Hopeless Love Mixture (Apply Liberally)

Tincture to Restore Passion.

Douche for Doubts.

Expectorant for The Purging Of Unrequited Love.

Pill: Twice daily to induce Love from the beloved.

Cure for all Loves ailment.

General Medication For Loves side-effects.

Steadying Potion For Weak Knees And Heart Flutters.

Embrocation for Prolonged Embraces.

Tristan’s General Tonic.

Yseult’s Inhalation For Loving Two People At Once.

Brangians’ General concoction For Future Happiness.

Cure For  Unbearable Longing.

Tristan & Yseult

Tristan & Yseult

"If this show doesn't make you fall in love with theatre, there's no potion on Earth that can help you." ***** The Guardian

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