Recent Kneehigh Press

National and International press from the last few years

Brief Encounter

“Noël Coward’s Brief Encounter comes to magical, imaginative, supremely theatrical onstage life… it’s hard to imagine a finer ensemble than the multitalented performers … As extraordinary a piece of theatrical magic as you’re likely to see any time soon. It is not to be missed!” StageScene LA, February 2014

“An event quite unlike any you will ever see…sublime” Broadway World, February 2014

 “As with all of the acclaimed Cornish theatre company’s productions there’s a torrent of theatrical inventiveness, laugh-out-loud knockabout humour and playful use of convention…I suggest you put on hold anything else you may be doing, and immediately secure tickets to Kneehigh’s glorious Brief Encounter.” The West Australian November 2013

 “The most exquisite set of fan’s notes ever to take form on a stage… by the show’s end I felt enlivened, enlightened and seriously moved” New York Times, December 2009

Tristan & Yseult

“Now this is theatre: A spectacular yet intimate show in which the comic, the classical, the heartfelt and the sultry all become one. I loved it” The Times, June 2013 *****

“If this show doesn't make you fall in love with theatre, there's no potion on Earth that can help you.”  The Guardian, June 2013 *****

 “The ancient Cornish tale of Tristan & Yseult gets a wildly exciting tragicomic twist from Britain’s Kneehigh Theatre… This is one of those rare shows that not only satisfies any possible theatrical demands, but has you grinning like an idiot and occasionally on the verge of tears, all in two hours” San Jose Mercury, November 2013

The Wild Bride

“Quirky and larky, magical and wild… I dreamt about it all night” The Times, October 2011

“Moment after moment of deep, true, sad, funny and transcendent theatre” The New Yorker, February 2013

“A bloody delight…Never has such a dark tale seemed so enchanting” The New York Post, February 2013

 “A wildly imaginative theatrical ride  from Cornwall’s brilliant Kneehigh Theatre… an enchanted, blues-drenched folktale graced with irresistible performances and exhilarating stagecraft” Robert Hurwitt’s ‘high’ of 2011, San Francisco Chronicle

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

"This is a little miracle of a show. In its small but perfectly formed way it is as memorable as anything I've seen this year." The Times, February 2013

"Bursting with visual inventiveness and performed with exquisite skill" The Stage, February 2013

“Like all really good theatre, Mike Shepherd's production opens up the shared imaginative space that makes it possible for audiences and performers to co-create the fiction taking place on the stage. The result, in this case, is magical.” The Observer, January 2013

Steptoe and Son

“[Kneehigh…have made Steptoe into another one of their playful yet deadly-dark fairytales.” The Times, September 2012 ****

The Red Shoes

“Giddy, grisly and gorgeous” The Observer

“Their magic makes the theatre crackle with the heat of obsession…a thrilling and unnerving piece of theatre” Evening Standard, October 2010

“A luscious physical fairytale” The Times, October 2010

 “Delirious, witty, macabre… A show to die for” The Guardian, October 2010