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On Tour

I went to see Steptoe & Son at the Oxford Playhouse and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it. I was nervous beforehand that we would be sat through a pale imitation of the TV sitcom. It was wonderful to realise, only a few minutes in, that the show was going to take us in a much darker, complicated and richer journey through these characters' lives. What is clear is that the original scripts are so powerful and capable of reinterpretation that they should be regarded as classics of English literature. The cast were incredible; I was astonished by the power of the performances. I will look out for knee high productions in future if this is the quality of your output. Thank you so much for the best night I've had at the theatre in years. Alan Wylde, Oxford

West Yorkshire Playhouse

Just seen the best stage production of Steptoe and Son ever. Blown Away

May I just say @WeAreKneehigh @Deanonolan absolutely smashed Steptoe and Son last night! GO AND SEE IT!

Just seen Steptoe and Son in Leeds and thought it was beautifully paced. Its very Beckettesque and is wonderful as a result. Kneehigh do justice to the pathos and complex nature of the relationship of father and son trapped in eachothers lives.

Dear Kneehigh, us lot at Tin Pot Theatre have just been to see 'Steptoe' and it was brill! Nostalgic, funny and lovely xx :)

Just seen Steptoe & Son, blown away. That was magnificent. Well done!

Rarely does anything live up to the blurb that advertises it but "darkly comic and deeply moving" (husband nearly cried within 10 mins) is bang on. Thanks for a great night :-)

Loved the physicality of the performers. Sweet 'n' sour

@WeAreKneehigh thanks for a touching super performance of Steptoe and Son last night @WYPlayhouse. Such energy and great music

I had a night out at the theatre this evening @wearekneehigh 'Steptoe and Son', touching tales liberated from my memories of 70s telly.

@wearekneehigh 's deserve their high reputation. I found Steptoe and Son @WYPlayhouse both imaginative and touching, catch it if you can

@WeAreKneehigh Saw the performance at the weekend. It was fantastic! Great job! :-)

@WeAreKneehigh thanks for a great performance of Steptoe and Son at WYP last night. Thoroughly enjoyed by 3 generations.

Watching @WeAreKneehigh Steptoe and son...brilliant! Best show I've seen in a while :)

Love the performances and darkness, v human.

Kneehigh can always be relied on to put on a great show and S&S is no exception.

The Asylum

The show was fantastic and the tent with the bar and food imaginative and so special, a great night out.

I totally loved Steptoe and Son

Another wonderful show - thank you

a terrific show



we loved the show

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance it was brilliant

had a great time at Kneehigh Theatre Steptoe and Son this afternoon - utterly fantastic !

That was One ACE night seeing Steptoe we had guys...THANX! :) :) ps. Going on yr mailing list now, you are toooo gd to miss!

Another fabulous enthralling night with Kneehigh at Steptoe & Son. A three hander pulled off with great emotion and imagination. Loved the music signatures and the dream-like weird bits that added colour


Steptoe was fantaaaastic, nice one

Steptoe & Son was a triumph last night!! Loads of fun!

Went to see Steptoe and son last night ,loved every minute

Loved Steptoe - thankyou!

steptoe is just fantastic

Kneehigh nailed it last night. Bold, brave and brilliant

What a great show,well done Kneehigh


Steptoe and Son

Steptoe and Son

Adapted & Directed by Emma Rice A Co-production between Kneehigh and West Yorkshire Playhouse Steptoe and Son is now on tour.

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