Support for Liverpool Everyman

Support for Liverpool Everyman

Liverpool has been vital and important to us as a creative force, the city and it’s people an inspiration-informed, intelligent, political and passionate.

Gemma Bodinetz and Deborah Aydon (and more recently Nick Bagnall) have been true allies. Their co-producing of our recent shows, Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) and The Tin Drum has been everything you could want it to be and MUCH more.

In order to make new work it’s important to “take leaps in the dark”. At this time of such uncertainty and anxiety it has become very difficult to do. There is a demand for tried and tested formula but we must all look beyond this to an exciting future (with hope). Gemma, Deborah, Nick and the wonderful Everyman team celebrated and endlessly supported with care, enthusiasm and expertise our hunches and "flights of fancy" and I remain forever indebted to them as individuals and to their collective generosity.

I’m sad to see Deborah leave Liverpool theatre but applaud her desire to engage and support refugees.

Liverpool Everyman has mine and Kneehigh’s support in these uncertain times.

Mike Shepherd
Artistic Director