Associate Artists

Associate Artists

Kneehigh's Associate Artists

This group have worked as part of the Kneehigh company for many years and on many projects, and we recognise their expertise, commitment and contribution to Kneehigh past, present and in the years to come. We consider this group vital to our processes and actively seek their help, advice, ideas and concerns


Revered Accomplices

Emma Rice

Paul Crewes


Associate Artists

Simon Baker, Sound Designer

Simon’s work with Kneehigh includes Brief Encounter, Don John, The Red Shoes, The Wild Bride, and Midnight’s Pumpkin. He has also worked on all three Asylum seasons. 

Stu Barker, Composer and Musical Director

Stu has worked extensively with Kneehigh over the past sixteen years on shows including A Matter Of Life And Death, Tristan &Yseult, Brief Encounter, Cymbeline, Don John, Hansel And Gretel, The Bacchae, The Wooden Frock, Nights At The Circus, The Red Shoes, The Wild Bride, Rapunzel, Pandora’s Box and Midnight’s Pumpkin.

Carl Grose, Writer

Carl has worked with Kneehigh for the past seventeen years as both a writer and an actor. His writing for Kneehigh includes Quick Silver, Tristan & Yseult, The Bacchae, Wagstaffe The Wind-Up Boy, Blast!, Cymbeline and Hansel & Gretel. He’s currently writing Kneehigh’s new show Dead Dog in a Suitcase (& other love songs) – a new Beggar’s Opera which will open in June 2014

Simon Harvey, Director and Performer

As Kneehigh’s resident Associate Director Simon has worked on Steptoe and Son, The Wild Bride, Midnight’s Pumpkin, The Red Shoes, Hansel and Gretel, Brief Encounter, Rapunzel and Cymbeline. He has also performed in number of Kneehigh shows including Rambles, BLAST, The King of Prussia, Wagstaffe the Wind up Boy, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Anna Maria Murphy, Writer and ‘Word Witch’

Anna has worked with Kneehigh almost from the beginning. She’s written shows including Tristan & Ysuelt (with Carl Grose), The Red Shoes, Don John, and Midnight’s Pumkpin, and also leads the Kneehigh Rambles programme, working with young people and communities. For the past three years she has been walking the Roads less Travelled in Cornwall, collecting, reinventing and exaggerating stories heard on the way

Etta Murfitt, Choreographer

Etta’s work with Kneehigh includes Steptoe & Son, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Wild Bride & Midnight’s Pumpkin. She performed as The Woman in The Wild Bride in Berkeley and New York, and returns to perform in the US with Tristan & Yseult next year.

Malcolm Rippeth, Lighting Designer

Malcolm has worked with Kneehigh for over ten years lighting shows including Nights at the Circus, Don John, Wah! Wah! Girls and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

Steve Tanner, Photographer

Steve has shot Kneehigh’s shows and events since before the age of digital! Working indoors and outdoors, up and down the country, Steve has ensured that we have a body of beautiful imagery stretching back over decades of work. 

Ian Ross

Ian "Fluff" Ross has strummed, plucked and toured extensively with Kneehigh on shows including Brief Encounter, Hansel and Gretel, The Wild Bride, Tristan and Yseult and Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs).

Daryl Waller

Daryl is an artist and illustrator. He has worked with Kneehigh since 1999 producing posters, flyers and other lovely things. He has also worked closely on the branding identity over the years and it’s his enlarged handwriting you’ll be walking underneath as you enter the Asylum tent.

Sarah Wright

Puppeteer and puppet designer.