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March of the Tractors – The Great Carnival Tractor Run

By Kyla Goodey - Trifle Gathering Productions

Villagers keep your eyes peeled as the carnival is coming to town.

Trifle Gatherings Productions, Kneehigh’s Random Acts of Art and Lovebite Creative present the majestically spectacular: “MARCH OF THE TRACTORS!!-The Great Carnival Tractor Run.
A magnificent procession of Kings and Queens will parade the streets of the Clay villages this May, paying homage to their beloved village carnivals and the many Carnival Kings and Queens of Cornwall.

Royalty will be visiting too, in true pimped up grandeur, so have your waving hand at the ready but blink and you might miss it.


Trifle Gathering Productions

Director- Kyla Goodey

Creative Producer- Charlie Bunker

Performer/Stage Manager- Giles King

Designer- Keith Sparrow

Black Voices Cornwall- Abi Hutchinson

Love Bite Creative