Frequently Asked Questions

I would be interested in working with Kneehigh as a performer/designer/technician/crew. How should I apply?

We are a small, artist-led company who work with a core creative team to whom we are dedicated. Therefore we very rarely audition or employ from outside this group. On the rare occasion we do audition, we do so through a well-established casting agency.

I would be interested in doing a work placement/internship with Kneehigh. Who should I write to?

As a touring theatre company, we are never normally in one place at a time for very long. Therefore, we unfortunately aren’t able to offer any form of work-placement or internship opportunity. If we ever did decide to offer an opportunity like this, we will publicise it through all our channels, including social media and our mailing list.

I love your work! When are you next coming to my location?

All our shows, dates and venues that are publicly available or soon to go on sale are listed on our Shows page, so you can take a peek and see if we’re heading your way. We announce any new dates, venues or changes via our monthly Field Notes newsletter, and on social media.

I am interested in Volunteering with Kneehigh. How can I get involved?

That's fantastic! We regularly put call-outs for people to join us as Volunteers, especially during our Asylum seasons. If you're over the age of 18, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, Twitter and our Field Notes newsletter, as we announce any opportunities we have via these platforms. There is also a Kneehigh Volunteers Facebook group which you can join, and where we post any opportunities.

I am interested in staging one of Kneehigh's productions. What should I do? 

The rights for all our work remains with Kneehigh and, at present, we are unable to allow any reproductions of our shows. If you have any further questions, do get in touch. 

I am doing some research and would like to know more about Kneehigh. I have specific questions about Kneehigh's 'style' and 'methods' of working and would like to interview a member of the company. 

Due to the high level of requests and the nature of the company being away on tour a lot of the time, we are often unable to help with specific requests for extra information, and unfortunately cannot arrange one to one interviews.

However, we do have a wide variety of useful info on our digital education site, the Kneehigh Cookbook, which is designed for anybody teaching or studying us. This includes interviews that company members, including Mike Shepherd, have undertaken. It’s free to use, and you can visit it here.

I am using Kneehigh as a chosen practitioner for my A Level studies. Do Kneehigh have an education pack to support this? 

The Kneehigh Cookbook was designed for teachers and students studying us from GSCE through to degree level. The ingredients are there to inspire students to create their own work, and provide a taste of what exactly goes into each Kneehigh show.

For example, you can watch Mike Shepherd talk about his influences and how he begins creating his shows; listen to Emma Rice talk about directing and casting; go back stage and look out all our technical Stage Management plans; and look in depth at the historical contexts and real-life stories that inspired our shows.

The Cookbook is completely free to use, and you can find it here.

Can I come and watch a rehearsal/meet with a member of the company?

Our rehearsals are normally a closed process. Occasionally there may be opportunities to watch a rehearsal but these are likely to be rare and limited to those who are somehow involved in the process. You can, however, watch some of our rehearsal processes and listen to Mike Shepherd discuss our rehearsal processes on the Kneehigh Cookbook.

Where can I get DVDs or CDs of Kneehigh's work?

Unfortunately we do not film our performances for release as DVDs, however there are clips available on our YouTube & Vimeo channels, as well as on the Kneehigh Cookbook.

You can purchase CDs from a selection of our shows through our Shop, where you can also grab yourself some other exclusive Kneehigh merch, such as scripts, limited edition screen-prints, and The Kneehigh Book.

Do Kneehigh run workshops? 

Our outreach work is focussed primarily through the Kneehigh Rambles, which engages with disadvantaged communities and young people in Cornwall and beyond.

Occasionally, we run workshops at or with the venue we are performing at whilst on tour. To check if we’re running a workshop at a venue near you, you can either call us or the venue directly to find out and book yourself a place.

I have a script/idea that I would like Kneehigh to produce. How can I submit it?

As we are a small, artist-led company, we tend to only create and produce work in-house, and therefore do not have a submission department. However, you are welcome to send anything through to us to keep on file.

Please note: if you would like to send something through to us, please do so via email rather than by post to help us do our bit for the environment. Additionally, whilst we do our best to respond to every request, we are usually very busy. If you do submit something to us, please note that we will likely only be able to respond should something suitable arise.