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Kneehigh is supported by:


Trusts & Foundations

Albert Van den Bergh Charitable Trust



Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

The Foyle Foundation

The Skinners' Company

Clore Duffield Foundation

Foundation for Sport and the Arts

The Tanner Trust

Dan Hickey Fund

The Garrick Charitable Trust

Teale Charitable Trust

David Whitbread Charitable Trust

The Goldsmiths' Company Charity

West Cornwall Youth Trust

The Elmgrant Trust

The Heritage Lottery Fund


Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The Mercers' Charitable Foundation




Thanks to all those individuals who generously support our work, especially treasured members of the Kneehigh Family:

Glenn & Wendy Carter

Simon Inch

David Rodgers

Guy Heath

Jane Rowse

Trevor Mannel

Deborah Hinton

Clare Morpurgo






And our glorious Champions:

Richard Baker

Sheila Hancock

Kenneth & Rosalind Rokison

Val Barnecutt

Susan Hatt

Catherine Saker

Mike Beard

Jana Kelly

Damien Saunders

Graham John Billing

Linda & Danny Lang

Susan Scambler

Archie Burnham

Chris & Bev Law

Pat Smith

Jyoti Chandola

Anthony & Jane Lawton

Julie & Bob Thomas

Robbie Clymo

Sara Loch

Christopher Tiley

John Doble

Rosalind Macrae

Andy Ward

Martin & Julia Eddy

Clare Martin

Ann Weeks

John & Patricia Glasswell

Mary Mestecky

Peter Willmott

Pauline Grant

Anne Michel


Ann Gray

Nicola & Robbie Roberts



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Clare Morpurgo