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Shaking Mats en Kerwenek

Anna Murphy's story translated into Cornish

Shackya strelyow war Fordh Godhwolghan

gans Anna Maria Murphy

Kuntellys yn Hellys

Pan removyas benyn bries Mary Williams (henvamm a wikoryon frank) dhe ‘Fordh Godhwolghan’hi a shackyas an doust dhyworth hy strel a-berth y’n Stret.

Mrs. Stinchcomb, kentrevoges ha hwithrores grisyow daras, a omystynnas ‘mes a’y fenester.

“Gevewgh dhymm Mrs. Williams, mes yn Fordh Godhwolghan, ny shackyn BYTHKWETH agan strelyow dohajydhweyth.”

Lemmyn, kottha ha furra, Mary mestres Hal-an-Tow, a shack hy strel pub prys pan vynno, malbew damm.

And here's the story in English:

Shaking Mats on Godolphin

Collected in Helston

When the newly wed Mary Williams, (Ancestor of free-traders) moved to Godolphin Road (quite posh), she shook her the dust off her mat onto the Street.

Mrs. Stinchcomb, neighbour, inspector of doorsteps, leaned our her window.

“Excuse me Mrs.Williams, but on Godolphin Road, we NEVER shake our mats in the afternoons.”

Now, Mary, older and wiser, mistress of the Hal-an-Tow, shakes her mat whenever she likes.