Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel


Times are tough for the family in the wood
They'd eat like kings if they only could

But hunger gnaws - famine stalks the land
Something quite wicked has the upper hand!

Poor mother and father must do "what is best"...
And Hansel and Gretel will be put to the test!

Armed with their very last slice of bread
Will they eat to survive







Let the irrepressible Kneehigh Theatre take you by the hand and lead you into deepest part of the forest! Prepare for a world of darkness, wit and wonder, of earthy delights and crooked shadows. A world that is sweet but never sugary.

This tender, tasty and terrifying re-telling of the classic story is told through lively music, rough poetry, the most amazing gadgets and gizmos... and with the help of some rather unlucky rabbits.

"Join Kneehigh for temptations impossible to resist. For children and brave adults everywhere."


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