Steptoe and Son

"Kneehigh's adaptation of scripts from the BBC sitcom makes for an appealing and heartwarming evening" Ian Shuttleworth, The Financial Times

"This piece was deeply moving and thought provoking"  Northern Stage: The Good Review


Ray Galton & Alan Simpson’s

Steptoe and Son

Adapted & Directed by Emma Rice

A Co-production between Kneehigh and West Yorkshire Playhouse


Two Men.  Two World Wars.  Two lives knitted together as tight as a thrice darned sock.

Bound together by birth, business and bloody bad luck, Albert and Harold Steptoe wake up every morning to the same old, same old, sickening sight of each other. Joined at the hip and heart, they bother, bicker and banter their way through life – toying with each others frailties like mean kittens.  Do they even notice the world turning as they cling on? There are ladies if they would only look around them, and space travel… and Cliff Richard!

Adapted from the legendary scripts of Galton and Simpson, this new co-production with West Yorkshire Playhouse charts the tender, cruel and surprising dance of father and son. Bound by duty, fear and poverty, they are watched over by their female Guardian Angel. She tries to save them, tries to turn their heads to the heavens, but those stubborn old work horses just won’t budge. Their blinkers stay firmly on. “She’s behind you!” we cry from the aisles.

This is for anyone who has had a parent, anyone who has had a child, anyone who has wanted to tear the walls down and run across the fields naked. Darkly comic, and deeply moving, this is a 20th century icon, re imagined for the new millennium. 


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Steptoe and Son review in Nouse

"Albert (Mike Shepherd) says ‘just because a prune is wrinkled it don’t mean to say it ain’t tasty’. Certainly, with age the richness and the intricacy of the men’s lives has become nectar for Kneehigh. The sickening sweetness which we often see in adaptations of the past, verging towards bitterness with Harold’s entrapment and the painfully explicit generation gap, is complimented by the mixture of theatre practices. You are distanced and then at once engulfed in its rawness."

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British Theatre Guide review Steptoe and Son

"Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s rag-and-bone-man comedy, Steptoe and Son, has itself been subject to multiple re-stagings. Kneehigh Theatre’s touring version, however, sets a new standard in terms of reimagining a cherished original."

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The Public Reviews Steptoe and Son @ Northern Stage ****

“[Kneehigh have taken] an almighty wedge of nostalgic comedy history, give it a bit of a wipe down with a wet cloth, and come up with something that looks fresh on the eye and tingles your tummy with delight… The original writing of the authors is something to always be thankful of, but within new directions, as with the likes of Emma Rice, stories of old can be brought back to life with superb results.”

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Varisty Reviews Steptoe and Son *****

Hannah Piercy is blown away by this uniquely poignant revival of a television classic ***** "All three actors deliver their roles perfectly, capturing the sense of play with comic moments... but also the prevailing tragedy. From the very beginning the audience is transfixed, following the lives of father and son with an interest that encourages us to examine our own relationships."

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The Public Reviews Steptoe and Son

"For die hard Steptoe and Son fans this show is a must..You will have a fantastic evening reliving the old sketches – now with a modern twist. New to Steptoe and Son? You don’t know what you’ve been missing."

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Director & Adaptor   Emma Rice
Set & Costume Designer   Neil Murray
Lighting Designer   Malcolm Rippeth
Score & Sound Designer   Simon Baker
Projection Designer   Mic Pool
Choreographer   Etta Murfitt
Casting Director   Sam Jones
Assistant Director   Simon Harvey
Producer   Paul Crewes
Stage Manager for Spring Tour   Ali Gray

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