The Wild Bride

"Bewitching" Charles Isherwood, New York Times

★ Lyn Gardner


The Wild Bride


Betrayed by her father, our heroine has those 'cross-road' blues. She chooses to walk into the wilderness rejecting not only the Devil, but also her home and trusting heart as well. In the wilds she meets a Prince and becomes pregnant, but when he is called to war, her heart breaks as she finds herself at those pesky cross-roads again.

In the cool green of the forest, she brings up her child, and - wonder of wonders - her broken heart grows back. Perhaps this is happily ever after, perhaps there is even more joy to come...

This epic and poetic wondertale is classic Kneehigh stuff. Charting a life from child to adult, you can expect instinctive storytelling, devilish humour and a heady mix of live blues music and devilish humour. The Wild Bride is a grown up, spring bud, dustball of a romance for brave children and adults alike.

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Director & Adapted by   Emma Rice
Assistant Director   Simon Harvey
Text & Lyrics   Carl Grose
Composer and Musical Director   Stu Barker
Choreographer   Etta Murfitt
Costume Designer   Myriddan Wannell
Lighting Designer   Malcolm Rippeth
Sound Designer   Simon Baker
Associate Sound Designer   Andy Graham
Producer   Paul Crewes
Additional Dance   Éva Magyar

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