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From the story by Quentin Blake | Directed by Mike Shepherd

The Dancing Frog

A delightful tale of hope, heart and hip-hoppity adventure based on the classic children's book by Quentin Blake.

Running Time: 60 Minutes

“ Absolutely superb!! I was almost in pain with laughter, my 6 year old Grandson, normally a fidget, was totally enthralled and my friend's 11 year old is now forever committed to Kneehigh! Thank you so much! ”


Kneehigh Asylum
2 Aug - 11 Aug
Tues - Sun 3pm & 7pm

20 Aug - 1 Sept
Tues - Sun 3pm


Poor Gertrude thinks she’ll never laugh or love again.  But then she has a lucky encounter on a lily pad.  With a frog.  Called George.  Suddenly, things are looking bright again!

For George isn’t just any frog.  He’s a dancing frog.

And when Gertrude thrusts this web-footed wonder into the spotlight he becomes an overnight sensation the likes of which the world has never seen!

Suitable for children, adults and frogs of all shapes and sizes.

The Dancing Frog Gallery

An absolute charming production - laughed and cried - some very poignant messages for the adults but engrossing for the children - puppetry was memorising!

Saw this today and it blew me away ! I loved it . And hour of pure joy . Fabulous music and really brilliantly wove the story around the highly likeable puppet . Great show !