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Tom Jackson Greaves in association with Kneehigh Theatre

The Neon Shadow

A new short film created in isolation.

A man in isolation waits at his window for a sign of life in the outside world. When he sees someone looking back, his heart skips a beat and a secret love begins to blossom. Not brave enough to speak his truth, the man turns to technology to help him transform into everything he wishes he could be. But technology has other ideas…


Premiered 28th August 2020
Available online for free for a limited period

The Neon Shadow is a love story with a bitter twist. A modern fairytale for grown-ups and brave youngsters. It plunges head first into the depths of isolation, technology and desire and is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s rarely-told tale, The Shadow.

Alongside the film, The Creation Club (LGBTQIA+ Individuals from Cornwall) has been exploring the themes of love and isolation through digital movement and writing workshops with the films creative team.

The Neon Shadow has been supported by Kneehigh’s Coastal Communities programme, FEAST, New Adventures and Pavilion Dance South West and Hall For Cornwall. It was filmed in July 2020 within Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions.


The Boy / The Shadow

Tom Jackson Greaves

Edvard / The Shadow

Edwin Ray

Creative Team

Original idea, Direction and Choreography

Tom Jackson Greaves

Director of Photography

John Crooks

Music and Sound

Dom Coyote

Editor and Film Consultant

Brett Harvey


Gabby Vautier

Creative Associate

Nandi Bhebhe


Tom Jackson Greaves


Zander Grinfeld at Venn Creative

Production Assistant

Millie Jones

Wig Design

Wain Douglas at the Brighton Bird Cage

For Kneehigh

Produced by Director of Coastal Communities Programme

Charlotte Bond

Words and Lyrics by Coastal Communities Programme Lead Artist

Annamaria Murphy

Head of Communications and Development

Chloe Rickard

Communications and Development Assistant

Ellie Woolman

The Creation Club

Cindy Bond
Danny J Brunel
Hannah Bunker
Ruairí Lochlann Devereux-Childs
Nell Frampton
Jessi Hill
Liv Longbone
Ella Philpott
Anna Ray
Nick J Richardson
Aqua Robinson
Benji Vincent
Melanie Whitehead Smith

Thanks to: Matthew Bourne, Alison Dures, Bruce Goodwin, Carl Grose, Imogen Kinchin, Jack Morrison, Edwin Ray, Alex Rodgers, Simon Seel, Mike Shepherd, Caroline Stephenson, Helen Tiplady, Sarah Wright
This project is bought to you by Kneehigh’s Coastal Community programme. To see more about the Coastal Community programme, including the Incubation artist training strand click here.