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Vanessa Kisuule: I Am An Octopus

Vanessa Kisuule is a writer and performer based in Bristol, where she is City Poet 2018-20. She has performed at an array of renowned poetry events and venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The British Library, Tongue Fu, Chill Pill and Bristol Old Vic, as well as festivals including Shambala, WOMAD and Glastonbury.


Kneehigh Asylum, Carlyon Beach, St Austell Bay
Sat 21 Sept

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The world is burning: we can no longer escape this fundamental fact. Vanessa Kisuule regularly sits in pockets of deep panic, flops in and out of vegetarianism and obsesses over octopuses. She is simultaneously repulsed and seduced by them. She is pretty sure that she was one in a former life.  Through new poems, artless costumes and silly dancing, Vanessa will explore the beautiful world of octopuses through her own unique lens. Perhaps they have something to tell us about these strange and difficult times we currently find ourselves in?