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Zoo Humans

From The Urban Playground Team

Running Time: 30 Minutes

The Urban Playground Team is the original 2PK company, coining the phrase performance-parkour (or 2PK) to describe our unique fusion of authentic French-Free running with contemporary performance.

“ This was awesome … Music, movement and message.’ ”


Kneehigh Asylum, Carlyon Beach, St Austell Bay
22 Sept
Sun 11am & 3pm

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In ZOO HUMANS the Urban Playground team brings David Attenborough’s smooth narrative to a Kafka-esque reality in which a group of humans have forgotten how to move.  As they slowly become aware of the artificial world in which they’re living they must decide if they’ll choose to risk their comfort for freedom beyond the confines of a cage…

The 11am performance will be followed by a 30 minute parkour workshop


‘…The parkour performance combined current global issues with a show that overflows with strength and grace. Awesome.’

Audience Member

‘Absolutely amazing – fantastic communication and trust between (the) 3 dancers, all so supple and skilled and focussed. Absolutely fantastic.’

Audience Member