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Random Acts of Art

Wild Swimhats for Wild Swimmers

By Sue Hill, Meier Williams and the Gorran Haven Cold Water Crew

In lockdown I think we long for surprise, wonder, the unfamiliar. Our world has grown smaller, limited to our immediate neighbourhood and faces on screens. But connecting with nature, walking, swimming has become our balm. Working with Meier Williams I am making extraordinary swim hats for a group of wild swimmers, out of light poly-foam sheet. Ships, islands, huge flowers, horses, birds. The swimmers are invited to use them five times. We will photograph these outings and publish the images online. We will also capture some stories about the individuals and their feelings about their experiences. The swimmers will keep the hats, so they can of course use them more than five times if they choose! I love the idea that the Random Acts of Art could provide moments of laughter, curiosity and awe.


Photos by Steve Tanner, Bella Bunce and Meier Williams