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Windows to the World

Let your sitting room be your stage. Your kitchen be your props store. Unclip your imagination and join our creative club.

In the past weeks we’ve been inspired and moved by the incredible creativity of those in isolation all around the world. From shadow puppet shows in Bologna, to mass singing in Spain, people are harnessing the power of creativity and bringing connection, hope, and moments of joy to people stuck inside, all from their windows.

We’ll be setting you some bonkers and brilliant creative challenges over the next few weeks. From puppet making to poetry, one of Kneehigh’s talented team will demonstrate a creative skill and set you a challenge at 9am on our YouTube channel. Share your results with #KneehighWindows and we’ll share our favourites.

The Windows to the World project is part of Kneehigh's Coastal Communities Programme

Produced by

Gabby Vaultier and Kyla Goodey

Edited by

Brett Harvey

Technical Support

Ciaran Clarke

Supported by

The Kneehigh Team

The Coastal Communities Programme is supported by The Ministry of Housing, Community & Local Government, and generous donations from Kneehigh Friends and Family.